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The power of online matrimonial starts when someone views your profile.

What you convey to others is of utmost important.

A picture is worth thousand words so make sure you have a picture on your profile.

The advertisements of members who submit pictures get 20 times more hits than the ones who don't have a picture. You do not have to display a photo to register at but you need to give it a serious thought.

When you get the response you should be able to respond in your own words.

Sometimes you may not be interested in the message you receive.

It should be a common practice to reply and say "Thank you I am interested or No Thanks". This person did write or show interest in your profile and you are expected to respond as a matter of common courtesy. In case you get the response from someone, you are also interested good luck to you! Go ahead and introduce yourself and get to know the person.

You should take paid membership to respond to the interested person.

This is an investment in your future and is really affordable by everyone.

This shows seriousness on your part.

If everything goes well, call the interested person. Telephone conversation can make all the difference and get you much closer to the person.

Lastly, when you feel comfortable go ahead and meet the person face to face.

This is the power of online matrimonial.