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Cancel & Refund Policy .

1. If you wish to cancel your annual non-renewing subscription and request a refund, you must email us to cancel your subscription within three (3) days of your initial subscription. We will terminate your Premium Membership at the time of the refund and your account will revert to a Basic Membership.

2. Only 50% of the total fees will be refunded only thu a/c payee cheque in next 7 days form your inital request. However, in some special circumstances, Manglik Bela Management reserves the right to consider a request for a full refund and decision depends on their sole discretion. Please Write us if you would like to submit a request.

3. The manglik bela has the right to cancel or terminate membership at any time without prior information if any abuse or illigal activity reported against any member,in such case no refund will be considered if found faulty.

3. Manglik bela has the right to change in their policy at any time without any prior information.